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In 2012, Torrance Beauty College appeared as an episode on the 4th season of “Tabatha Takes Over”. Tabatha Coffey’s re-styling of the salon floor added new features with a colorful pallet to the already remodeled facility. Our campus combines some of the classic styles of its original décor with state of the art equipment and furnishings and can accommodate 137 full time students. Our full clinic floor is comprised of areas designated for training in all areas of the trade. Our Manicuring Department is situated along the storefront windows of the property, which allows the best possible lighting for students working on small surfaces such as finger and toe nails. Senior cosmetology students working on the main clinic floor gain confidence while training in a salon atmosphere. With 50 years at the same location, generations of customers have come to Torrance Beauty College for their salon service needs. Our students train with high quality, name-brand products featuring Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Dermologica skin care and nail products by OPI. Students can look forward to trying out some of the latest trends made available to them for use on all phases of hair, skin, and nail care.


At Torrance Beauty College the goal and objective is to provide an atmosphere where the student can acquire the technical and practical training necessary to pass the licensing examination, become an asset to the cosmetology profession, and a responsible member of the community. We place emphasis on how to be successful in whatever area of cosmetology the student selects and how to create the life style desired by the student. This means hard work, dedication, and practice on the part of the student. The degree of a students’ success will depend upon the amount of effort expended by both the student and staff during the entire course. It is our goal to provide our students with quality tools, training and service. We are very committed to making Torrance Beauty College a success, and communication is vital in achieving our goals. Students are encouraged to ask questions, make requests or suggestions Course Goals and Objectives: The purpose of attending Torrance Beauty College is to prepare the student to pass the BBC examination and become gainfully employed. Students will be given a mock board test during the fourth evaluation period consisting of a written test as well as a practical skills test. Students must pass both tests with a score of 75% or better. Students who do not pass in any one area will be given remedial classes to enable the student to pass the next examination. Students may want to furnish a model for the practical skills portion of the mock board. The technical classes on salon management and rules and regulations will help prepare the students for joining the work force. Course Format: Technical classes consist of lectures, videos, demonstrations or guest speakers and comprise a minimum of ¼ of the training. Technical classes cover the BBC requirements concerning the principles and practices of Cosmetology. Salon management classes cover the Barbering and Cosmetology Act, BBC Regulations and laws and agencies concerning social security, disability, federal and state taxes and other administrative requirements necessary to operate a cosmetology establishment. Practical classes consist of working on clients, other students and manikins.

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