Our Staff

Susan I James:  “Miss Sue” has held her cosmetology license for almost 50 years!  After obtaining her teaching credential, Sue found her calling as an instructor and has been teaching students at this campus for over 40 years.   As Associate Director and Academic Training Director, Miss Sue oversees all aspects of our curriculum, student training and compliance.

L. Prentice Walton:  You may recognize “Mr. P.” from his appearance on the hit television series TABATHA TAKES OVER.  With over 40 years experience in the industry and 30 years as an instructor, Mr. P teaches all phases of Cosmetology and Manicuring utilizing fun and interesting methods that provide education and enhance the learning experience.   When assisting on the clinic floor, senior students gain the “real world” experience with his “Ready, Set, Go!” classes on practicing customer services in “salon time”.   Trade show competitions and volunteer outings are his specialty, giving our students the competitive edge and leading our school to winning numerous awards and more than two dozen trophies over the last ten years.

Rachael Rowland: Prefers that her students call her “Miss Tweety”, and is our Lead Instructor on the clinic floor and in the freshman classroom.  Although just finishing her first year working as an instructor at Torrance Beauty College, this busy wife and mom has over 20 years experience as an instructor and still works on longtime loyal customers in her salon twice a week.  In addition to supervising the senior students with customer services, she works closely with students training for State Board on Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays.  Her patience and ability to communicate theory and technique to students who may have limited English skills make her classes a favorite for students at any skill level.

Tina Leigh: “Miss Tina” is our lead Esthetician instructor, teaching the daytime practical and theory classes, as well as mock board practical instruction for State Board testing.  In addition to her experience as an esthetician and instructor, she holds a license in Cosmetology,  and has over 20 years experience as a make-up artist.  Tina gained knowledge of aromatherapies and herbal remedies training in Europe, and incorporates that natural aspect into her product knowledge classes where students learn how to create facial products using ingredients from their own kitchens.

Francesca Casey-Kingsley instructs the evening Esthetician students and includes several hours each week teaching students with our upscale equipment and hands-on facial and waxing services.  Additionally, her experience in spa merchandising gives students valuable insight dealing with the business side of industry.  Miss Francesca holds over 25 certifications from The International Dermal Institute/Dermalogica in product knowledge and technique and attends the certificated programs with our students off-campus at Dermalogica and Murad training facilities several times each year.


Carmen Gallisaire:  Our “Miss Carmen” has been our front desk receptionist for over 16 years and assists the students as a substitute cosmetology instructor if needed.  Every student who passes through our doors will get to know Carmen as she is  responsible for assigning  clientele to the students for services to be performed.  Students rely on her to assist or answer questions about everything from simple matters regarding their timecards to complicated customer service operations.





Kim Crites:  Working in the Admissions Department, “Miss Kim” is our Student Services Administrator and provides substitute instruction in our Esthetics Department.  Originally trained on our campus, she can relate to the students on their level and is always available to provide assistance when needed.